Parent Resources

How Can We Partner with Together?

We have a top priority of partnering with parents as their child continues to grow in his or her faith walk as well as to ensure their safety and well being while they are in our care.  Below are some resources that we offer to do just that!


CLICK HERE to access the most current issue of this publication, which is produced by the creators of our curriculum for our Sunday classes.  There are tips for parents to help continue their child's spiritual growth in the home.

Every Sunday, each child is accounted for through our secure Kid Check system, which stores pertinent information such as allergy alerts, designated guardians, and more.  Create your account before your first visit or update it at anytime!
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We at Creekside encourage parents to dedicate their children and commit themselves to raising them up in the way of the Lord until they are old enough to understand what it means to put their faith and trust in Christ and to make their own decision to be baptized. CLICK HERE for Child Dedication information.