Confessions of a Christian Atheist


I am an atheist by nature.

But yes, I am a Christian church leader. What??? I know it sounds weird. Actually, I think the best Christians are people who think like atheists.

What is an atheist? Webster defines it as a person who “dis-believes” in gods. That’s pretty generic. I grew up in an atheist home. I didn’t realize it for a long time because my parents sent me to Catholic school. But they admitted later in life – They were die-hard atheists. And reflecting back on my upbringing, atheism permeated everything our family did.

What are the principles by which atheist live?

  1. Science wins. Atheists universally believe in scientific discovery. It is concrete. It is measurable. It is evidenced by the five human senses or can be proven through math.

  2. Logic Wins. Practical Atheists (the kind in your neighborhood, not necessarily the ones in academia that spend the better part of the day contemplating how God does not exist) fall back on a logic. If it doesn’t make sense, it must be either fake or crazy.

  3. Evidence Wins. Everything must be either proven or provable by tangible, real-world evidence to be considered reality.

These principals make me a Christian Atheist because following these principals leads to only one place – to Jesus. Every “good” atheist comes to Christ. It is the only destination the pursuit of these principals can lead you. The people who still call themselves atheists today are just bad at it. Atheists only stay Atheists because they poison their atheism with faith – often “sciency-sounding” faith, but faith all the same. And by violating their own principals, they remain atheists.

I am a good atheist. That is why I have found Christ. Every good atheist who follows the above logic and truly searches for truth, cannot help but believe in Jesus and his teachings.

  • Science wins. He is the obvious Designer of Science – both Newtonian and Quantum. Anyone who can perform the miracles of the gospels could be only one person – the One who designed the science that is being violated by those miracles.

  • Logic Wins. His Teachings represent the only reasonable conclusions that make any sense of this life – Answering questions that no atheist can ever hope to answer – The meaning of Life, The Reason for sorrow, disease, and even death.

  • Evidence Wins. His Resurrection is the most well documented, eye-witnessed account in all of ancient history. If you do not believe in the resurrection as an historical fact, you flunk history. Nothing else in ancient history is more provable, more eye-witnessed, or more well documented than the Resurrection.