“Two of my favorite things happen in January!  A car
show and a missions conference:  (of course not as important as my Wife's
birthday and our wedding anniversary)”

Phil Herndon

**if you are interested in joining Phil on either of these events (see below). Drop him a note to start planning your trip

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The 'Car Show'

is the Barrett Jackson car auction in Scottsdale AZ.  True
this is an auction, but with a crazy variety of 2500 cars in the line up
it's a fun day to simply walk through the tents and look at cars. Phil will be
there January the 17th, for just the day and then he will fly to Portland for the missions conference.


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The Mission Conference:  

Thanks to our own Trace Thornberry last I (Phil Herndon) was
introduced to an amazing missions conference that has been happening in
Portland every January for 15 years.  This event is a collective effort of
Portland area churches and draws more than 2000 attendees and 100 exhibitors
and presenters.  This is an inspiring and challenging event that showcases
ministry all around the world.  

Phil will be there both days, January 18 & 19



All men of Creekside are invited at any time to come on Thursday mornings from 6:15am to 7:30am in Room 206/207 for a time "banding together as brothers" while experiencing the challenge of God's Word. We'll serve up some light grub and get you out of here by 7:30am so you can take it to the streets. 

Yep! It's early but hey, it will make your day...maybe change your life! Oh...you are also more than welcome to invite friends or neighbors too!

Email Gregg Armstrong for more info.